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Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Interior Design

Understanding the Changing Trend in Office Furniture

Currently the furniture manufacturers provide furniture of different forms and sizes to deal with the growing marketing competition. Apart from that there is also a change in the customer preference. They now prefer furniture that occupies less space, light and at the same time inexpensive. In order to increase sales and gain profit it is important to analyze and evaluate the market as well as understanding the changing customer demand. The market segment along with the micro-segments demand is also changing

With the help of this it is possible to formulate effective strategy in furniture design. It is also important to pay attention towards distribution, customer relationship along with product line extension. Some of the current trends of office furniture identified by the manufacturers that is effecting the purchase and sell of furniture are as follows

• Office owners are more concerned in creating a motivating infrastructure in the office which is pleasant which is important to relief stress
• Apart from that companies are preferring ergonomically designed office furniture that are more concerned in creating a healthy atmosphere
• Now traditional metal furniture have become outdated and laminated furniture have become more popular
• Special care is taken in designing the seating arrangement
• High tech office designs have become more popular

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